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Frequently Asked Question

What about Support ?

If that you have any questions & queries, at that point you can connect with our Support Team by means of email. Our Support Team makes an honest effort to answer inside a similar working day, else they will answer inside 24 working hours. Support Team works between 10 AM to 7 PM (Except Weekends and Holidays).

How do I get my Product ?

Just visit the request page, fill in the significant subtleties/ details and after checkout. One of our accomplished group will at that point will work and send you your very own business card inside 2-3 working days.

Do I build this product myself ?

No, this is certainly not an online manufacturer. You just give the subtleties/ details and our group of experts will do the entirety of the work for you. This permits you to focus in your experience on your business while we furnish you with the best finished result.

Is there a limit to the amount I can send out ?

There is no restriction to the measure of your product you can share. Indeed, we have such a faith in the ETECHNOINDIA that we need you to share it to the majority.

On what devices will my product work ?

The ETECHNOINDIA product will chip away at any gadget/ devices with internet connection. It will maximize the page space and shape itself distinctively on iPhones, Android Phones, Windows Phones, tablets, PCs and work stations. Your personal own web application will be effectively downloadable onto any responsive gadgets/ PDA.

Can I change the colours and add my company logo ?

Absolutely, if you want a little bit more of a personalised look we would recommend the Premium Package which allows for more customisation. The Premium Package requires your company logo from which it takes a relevant colour scheme to create a unique Product.

How do I get a product for each of my staff ?

We tailor make packages for corporate clients depending on volume and requirements. Get in touch and we can have a chat to see what works best.

What if I have shared my digital business card but then changed my phone number ?

That's one of the great advantages of the ETI-Card. Simply drop an email to support@ETI-Card.com and our professional team will make the required change in real-time. This update will be added to every device the digital business card is on. What's more, we provide a routine update each month for no additional charge.

Are there any additional charges in this product, I should know about related to this Product ?

Once your purchase your digital business card there are no additional charges for routine updates, shares or downloads. After the first 12 months, there is a yearly fee of minimum price for the standard and premium packages to cover the maintenance and server fees that guarantee your digital business card is always ready for action.

in this product, it have some terms & conditions

Yes Every product have some term & conditions

Why we are using DIGITAL MARKETING

Every small business realizes the need for promotion and with some creativity and a little effort, there are several ways it is possible to advertise a business for free today. Using the Internet presents many good opportunities for low-cost or free advertising, and since most companies have websites to support their main business, there are many ways to get a website noticed, attract more visitors and ultimately make a sale. For most small businesses in the country, television ads Pham plates are just too expensive for a small enterprise to produce and air for any significant length of time. Magazine and radio advertising is less expensive than TV, but can still be quite expensive to maintain when part of an ongoing business campaign.

Why we are utilizing ONLINE CAMPAIGN ?

Although it is possible to spend a lot of money on an Internet-based campaign, there are also many ways to use the different facets of the Internet to get some free advertising for any type of business. For both websites and stores, the purpose of most advertising is spreading the word about products or services and attracting new visitors and customers. When it comes to physical brick and mortar housed businesses, simply getting more people in through the front door is usually the primary task. For businesses with supporting websites or businesses that exist only online without a real physical presence, attracting new visitors to their website is the number one goal. In both cases, every business needs new visitors to make new sales regardless of the nature of the particular business. Without new customers, no business can survive for very long. However, a business won’t last very long if it spends every cent of its operating budget to meet advertising costs either. Low-cost or completely free advertising online is a good way for any business to attract customers without having to spend a fortune in the process.

Several ways on ONLINE CAMPAIGN ?

There are an incredible number of opportunities to advertise a business online for free these days, but not all of them will be appropriate for every type of business endeavor. The important thing to remember is that the Internet is a flexible tool that can give any business many different ways to advertise and since the Web is an instant experience in real time, it enables businesses to react quickly to customer feedback and adjust their efforts accordingly. If you can think creatively and perform some experimentation along the way, there are many effective ways to advertise a business for free. Here are some of the best ways:

Several Ways ?

Press Releases – Write a few press releases about your business and try to make them interesting to the general public as making announcements that you are selling a product are not very interesting in themselves. With a bit of determination and creativity, you can get your press releases published in hard copy magazines and newspapers as well as online.

Free Ads on CraigsList – If you’ve got an event to promote in conjunction with your business, you can advertise it for free on CraigsList.

Personal Profiles – It can be a big help to include a targeted profile of your business on any social networking sites that you might frequent like LinkedIn, Ecademy, Friends Reunited, and Facebook.

Free Directory Websites – Be sure to take advantage of any free directory opportunities to include your business in local and online listings. Sites like the Yellow Pages, Touch Local and Trade Space all have good free directory sections.

Link Swapping – If you can determine who the qualified companies are that are linking to your competitors’ websites, you may be able to ask for a link back to your site, or just swap links for free.

Free Classifieds – Sites that offer free classified advertising for businesses can help attract more visitors, and every visitor is another chance to sell your products or services.

Internet Forums – There are tens of thousands of forums and message boards where people go to discuss a variety of specific topics online. If the topic fits your type of business, a forum could be an easy way to get qualified traffic to visit your website.

Email Signatures – Don’t forget to add a few lines to your signature on forums and in emails that contain your site’s URL and some form of incentive to visit it.

Blogs – A blog can be a stand alone site, or part of your main website and can help you advertise and get good customer feedback at the same time. A blog that contains short informative articles in your topic area can help make your site stand apart from the competition.

E-mail Blasts – Create more repeat business by making a list of your existing customers’ e-mail addresses and periodically sending them new product announcements, coupons, special offers, or other information they can use.