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Learn 2 Earn


Learn 2 Earn

1st May,2021
Vishal Kumar

Gone the days where earning was based on the day job with traditional method. but now we have the opportunity to earn money through online web system.
We have many ways to earning at this age & time the tranding buzz to earning is through Digital marketing.
Digital marketing is the way with which we can earn money without being going out of home. Now, you much be know to earn with Digital Marketing.

It is not the shortcut of earning, like with other job we have to learn the basic of it and give the time then you have to find your way to earn money with that job. These are similar process followed in Digital marketing.

What is Digital marketing ?

Digital Marketing can be discribe as an online Platform where we can promote their product with any digital medium.
Gone are the days, when salesman sell their product by shouting their prices, benefits, and their attractions. as people now a days have a efficient online platform, the seller have catch the opportunity to make a suitable job for their product. there are various different ways to earning by digital marketing and some of them are listed below.

Parts of Digital Marketing:

Web designing
Mobile marketing
Social media Marketing
Affliated Marketing
Email marketing

What is Web designing ?

This area requires a certain technicality. if a person has the ability to make a website with Attractive page. So, that person can be great web designer.
Web designing is all about the planning, Designing, Developing and updating the website.
In this the designer has to choose the perfect specifics like an inviting layout, the colors, images, create a user & media-friendly interface for the website. the designes should also keep in mind the website. the designes should also keep in mind the website has too updated with the periodic time. Read More




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